God has recently led us to move our worship services from Sundays mornings to Friday evenings.  We meet at varying locations in West Alexandria and South Arlington.  Please contact us via email or sign up for our e-loop to find out where we are meeting this week.

Our gatherings are friendly, joyous, and simple.  Here is what you can expect:

  • We deliberately include time to catch up with regular attenders and get to know visitors.  No matter who you are, we will embrace you.  None of us is perfect, and we are all very different – but we try to love one another as Jesus instructed us.  So, don’t worry about how you are dressed, how much money you make, the color of your skin, or the country you are from.  You will be welcomed!!


  • We open our Bibles together to learn more about God’s wisdom.  We have extra Bibles if you don’t have one.  Our pastor (or sometimes another member of our church) leads us through a section of the Bible and helps us understand it better.  We also have time to ask questions and discuss how to apply what we have studied to our lives.  So, whether you know the Bible well or have never read it, we will help you grow in your understanding of God’s Word.


  • We worship God as we sing together.  In this simple gathering, we usually just have a guitar or maybe a keyboard to accompany our voices.  We love big worship bands, but we also find that God really blesses us as we listen to one another sing.  There is an intimacy with God and with one another that occurs in this setting that is precious.  


  • We take communion together.  At each of our gatherings, we partake together of the body and blood of Jesus, as He commanded us to do.  This is a time that enhances our unity as Jesus’ church, reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus made because He loved us, and nourishes our soul.


  • We pray together.   We believe that God is a loving Father who hears us and responds when we pray.  He invites us to ask Him for the things we need.  Therefore, we take the time necessary to pray for those who need prayer.  Whoever has to leave is welcome to leave at this time, but we will stay as late as necessary to pray for the healing of the broken.  There is no problem that is too big for God.  So, bring your burdens and concerns with you – we are confident that God will move in your life.


  • We Love Our Children and Teens.  Jesus cares deeply about children and teen-agers.  We believe that the church is responsible to help parents raise them.  So, we have time where the members of the church can get to know these young people and be involved in their lives.  We equip parents to teach their children about God. We provide paid childcare to help with younger children.  And we pray for them.


  • We minister to others.  This simple format allows us time to really minister to those in our city who desperately need to experience the power of God.  As we see God do great things, our faith is increased.  Therefore, we encourage our regular attenders to get involved with one of our outreach ministries.  If you really want to put your faith into action as you follow Jesus, we will help you make that a reality in your life.


  • How to find us.  If you would like to know more about West City Fellowship or attend one of our services, please contact us here.