Who is God?

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of the most important questions you could ever ask.

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Is God Real and Can I know Him?

Here’s something to think about – if God is real, then that one fact alone should have a profound impact on everything that we think and do. In other words, how could we possibly ignore (or even just be apathetic about) a being that created everything in some way? But we might ask, “even if God is real, is there a way that I can truly know Him?” The answer is yes. God makes it possible for us know Him in a couple of ways. First, the evidence that God is “out there” can be seen in people, in nature, and in the cosmos. Certainly, some people believe that all of this could have been created without God. But if we’re honest, most people believe that there is at least some kind of “spiritual something” that’s behind it all. The question is “what kind of spiritual something?” Well, another way that God makes it possible for us to know Him is by the Bible. God gave us the Bible as a gift in order that we could know many important details about Him. It’s true that some people dismiss the Bible as merely the cultural product of certain people groups struggling to express their spiritual ideas, but it’s equally important to understand that there are many extremely well-educated and knowledgeable people who believe that it really is the authoritative Word of God. Therefore, the question we might ask ourselves is, “can I so easily dismiss this book that claims to tell me about the being that created the universe?”

What does God want from me?

Consider this honestly and carefully – if God is real, then it is not very reasonable for us to expect Him to be what we want Him to be or to simply do what we want Him to do.  After all, He is God and we’re not.  Therefore, we should have the humility to ask, “God, what do you want from me?”  The Bible tells us that God wants a real and deep relationship with us.  The great news is that He doesn’t expect us to perform a ritual, or travel the world, or accomplish some great thing in order to have that relationship with Him.  Rather, He simply wants us to come to Him humbly, acknowledge what He’s done for us, and follow Him the best we can.  So how do we do that?  The answer lies in what He has already done for us.  Let me explain…

The Bible says that all of us have a tendency to ignore God and to do things that ignore his definition of what is truly good.  Most of us know that we have done or even thought things that we would not want anyone else to know about, because deep down we know they are wrong.  The Bible calls this “sin.”  Of course, that’s not to say that we don’t also do good things – sure we do.  But because God is a good God, He is also a just God (being just is part of being good).  Therefore, God must deal with the bad things we have done or thought – even the ways in which we have simply ignored Him.  This leaves us in a bind that we can’t get ourselves out of on our own.  That’s where the Bible has very good news for us.  The whole Bible speaks of God’s plan to provide forgiveness for all of our failings.  He did this by sending his son Jesus to take the punishment that we would have otherwise had to endure. This is what Jesus did when he suffered and died on the cross.  So, God does not ignore our sins at all – that would make Him unjust, and therefore not truly good.  Rather, He deals with our sin by punishing Jesus in our place.  In this way, he can offer us forgiveness and still be good and just.  There is no greater act of love than God literally laying down His life for us in Jesus Christ.  Nobody else in history ever did this for us.  Actually, Jesus is the only one who even could do it, because only Jesus is both fully human (therefore, able to be a substitute for us) and fully God (therefore, able to pay an infinite penalty required by an infinite God).

So, what does God want from me?  First and foremost, God wants us to acknowledge what He has done for us on the cross.  Think about it – if we really understood how much Jesus suffered so we could be reconciled to God and avoid the just punishment for our sin, how could we possibly ignore it?  Rather, this understanding should lead us to such a deep sense of gratitude that we worship God and desire to know Him as intimately as possible.

What does God want to give me?

But it gets even better, the Bible says that whoever humbles themselves before God, confesses their failures to God, and trusts in Jesus and in his substitutionary death will be completely forgiven for their sins and reconciled to God.  When we do this, God adopts us as his children in whom he delights.  This means we can have a deep, intimate relationship with God in this life.  And it gets still better.  As God’s children, He promises us eternal life with Him.  One of the greatest fears that each of us suffers is the fear of death.  But the Bible tells us that death in this life is not the end.  In fact, to prove this, God raised Jesus from the dead after He died for our sins.  Now, Jesus rules over everything and He invites us to follow him and be part of his kingdom by subjecting ourselves to his perfectly loving and benevolent rule over us.

So the answer to these important questions is this...

Yes, God is real.  And not only can we know Him, but He also knows us.  He sacrificed everything for us and all He wants from us is to acknowledge what He has done for us, to submit ourselves to his loving authority, and follow Him the best we can.  If we will do that, He promises to make us his children and to give us eternal life with Him.

Now What?

If you’d like to commit yourself to follow Jesus Christ right now, here is a suggested prayer that will guide you (this is not a magic formula, so make these your own words):

“Lord Jesus, I know that You are God.  I understand that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself.  But I acknowledge that You died in my place, taking the punishment I deserved.  I believe that You rose from the dead and that You will one day return.  Forgive me for my sins.  I trust in You and You alone to reconcile me to God.  Save me from my sin and be Lord of my life.  I commit myself to You forever.  Amen.”

If you prayed this prayer and asked Jesus to be your Savior and Lord, please let us know so that we can help you pursue this new relationship with God.  Or, if you have any questions, we’d love to answer them. Please e-mail us at info@westcityfellowship.com.

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